Thursday, 7 December 2017

What can I say...

Wow. Nearly 16 months since the last post on my blog. It's probably safe to say that the arrival of my beautiful son has had a slight impact on my hobby time...

As a first time dad, this comic from Brian Gordon of Fowl Language fame (great comics about parenting) pretty much sums up my spare time for the first 12 months!


While the gaming and painting did dry up, it hasn't been a complete hobby wasteland...

On the gaming side, I've been able to make a few gaming days and evenings at my local club, Odin's Night Games ClubThe Man Cave run by a fellow Odinian, is a great place to catch up on some of the things the club has gotten up to. Mainly lots of Dragon Rampant. I've also been able to roll dice with a few mates who became dads within a couple of months of me, which has been great too. Nothing like comparing war stories over a beer and some games.

Painting wise, I've recently signed up for the Eighth Analogue Painting Challenge, which kicks off on December 20th. Very pumped for this. I did pick up the brushes again and painted up some GW figures, which is something I have not done for a long time... Knocked out an Orc Blood Bowl team and some Age of Sigmar figures for a campaign that started in November.

Ready to rumble, straight off the painting table.

Khorne Bloodbound models from Games Workshop

There you have it, proof of life here in the blogosphere!