Monday, 1 August 2016

Shaking off the cobwebs!

Ah... That feels good. Finally hitting the 'blogosphere' again. I'd like to say I've been away with my feet up, watching the sun set somewhere exotic with a drink in hand. However, with our first baby due any day, it's been utter chaos. At one point I couldn't even access my computer or hobby gear as we crammed several rooms worth of furniture and accumulated crap into one. The dust has now settled though. Literally, as floorboards have been laid, a 7 metre floor to ceiling bookcase has been installed and the newly created nursery has been painted (and filled with baby related items which may or may not actually be useful).

The last few months have not been a complete hobby wasteland. I have found time to get a wriggle on with my Milites Christi force for SAGA. I have finished up a unit of hearth-guard and a unit of warriors to go with my warlord, with another unit of warriors close to completion. Unfortunately, the lighting is worse than usual due to the rather cramped conditions at the moment...

I've also managed to get a few games in at the local club. Last week saw a return to Battle Group Kursk in 15 mm. I have to say, I like these rules more and more each time I play them. I won't be surprised to see 15 mm WWII hitting my painting table soon, for Battlegroup: Overlord. In the mean-time, I'm very lucky that the Dux agrees to share his lovely figures with us.

In the game, the Germans managed to dodge the very inaccurate off-board mortar fire along with the worst of the dug-in infantry and anti-tank guns to affect the beginnings of a break-through. The Panzer III's suppressed the infantry and anti-tank guns while the Panzer IV's backed up by a Tiger, were able to pick off the T-34's being rushed in to reinforce the Soviets. While we ran out of time, the Soviets were very close to breaking. However, I doubt the Germans will be able to exploit the breakthrough, as their reserves looked to be thin on the ground. We rolled a '1' every single turn bar one, for the number of reinforcements available to the Germans...

The Soviets dig-in!

The German spearhead arrives.

A lone Panzer III is all the German high-command could commit in the second wave.

Some much needed firepower arrives. This might prove to be enough to tip the balance, if it can get to the battle...

The Germans did take casualties.

But used the burning wrecks and the hills to shield themselves from the guns out on the Soviet's left flank!

I was also able to get the first game in of a SAGA campaign the club has going using the new 'Age of the Wolf' book from Gripping Beast. My Anglo-Danes fought a bloody, but inglorious battle, as the Scots avoided my ambush by running away and escaping off-board. It was really interesting to experience how the campaign system effects the game play. As losses can be carried through from battle to battle, I found myself weighing up the positives and negatives of a potentially game-winning, but very bloody, final charge. I decided discretion was the better part of valor on that particular day. My warlord is still obviously making a name for himself, as the post-game fallout saw more warriors than I could fit in my roster flocking to my banners.

Well, I'm about to experience this hobby of ours through the lens of a family man for the first time, a path I know many of you will have experienced yourself and something I'm very, very excited about! All I can do in the final count-down is stock up on sleep, and put all of my toys out of reach of a small child... =)

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