Saturday, 7 November 2015

Bit of a mixed bag

The last few weeks have been super busy, and it shows no sign of slowing down until Christmas! Fortunately, there have been a few bright spots of gaming goodness in amongst all the grey of everyday life. Though to be fair, there has not been much grey in anything, but who wouldn't want more time to get their hobby on?

I got another game of Basic Impetus in, alas, the result was another inglorious defeat. However, like all great generals throughout the ages, I had a co-general I can shift the blame onto... Well, I could if he hadn't been absolutely amazing at rolling hits on his dice- turning some of the weakest units in my army into some of the best! So it's back to the drawing board, again...

The moment before my circling manoeuvre went pear-shaped

This week saw me use up another of my birthdays, (hopefully there are still plenty more left in the bag!) and as a treat I picked up a copy of Frostgrave. The initial intention was to be able to use all my existing Warhammer minis and not need to buy anything else. Of course, it is never that simple, and I can foresee a few (this could be a little optimistic) single monsters and animals being added to my collection to let me play out all the encounters. We'll have to see how the first few games play out.

Finally I will leave with you the only minis I have managed to paint up. These are for a Star Wars: Imperial Assault campaign I have been running. Fortunately, the recent appearance of Lord Vader in a game helped to briefly balance the ledger, though those darn Rebels keep bouncing back!


  1. Welcome to Blogland Sherro!!! Looking forward to your Star Wars adventure!

    1. Thanks Ray! Hopefully there will be an update soon(ish) :)