Saturday, 10 October 2015

Everyone has to start somewhere.

And so it begins...

Having played only GW games for many, many years I have returned to where I started - Historical Gaming. My first big project is teaming up with a mate (Dux Homunculorum) to re-fight some of the great battles between Republican Rome and Carthage (I wonder what the score stands at among gamers over the years). I've loved getting back into a project like this and am looking forward to rolling some dice. 

Here is the army in all its glory using the Basic Impetus army list. Still working on how to take better photos, on which the internet is fortunately full of helpful advice. Shields are mostly transfers by LBM studios.

Next up for the project are some Italian Allies and hopefully a victory or two! We will be initially trying out the Basic Impetus rules and hopefully will get to give Sword and Spear a run later on down the road.


  1. Great to see you joining the blogosphere! Those Carthaginians are looking intimidating. I'm looking forward to facing them on Wednesday.

  2. nice opening blog. welcome to the rest of the world. I started my blog in April and it's been great fun

    1. Thanks Martin, it has certainly got me fired up about new aspects of the hobby!