Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Painting Challenge Update

The challenge is now into its fifth week and I've been painting away madly! I've managed to get most of my lead pile assembled and undercoated, and have managed to get quite a few (by my standards) miniatures painted over the last month.

My first completed project were ten Veteran German Grenadiers from Warlord Games which will be used to bolster my Bolt Action forces. I'm trying to build a 1945 Last Levy List, so these guys will give the Kreigsmarine and Volkstrum squads some much needed backbone!

Next up was a challenge round based on the theme of 'nostalgia', For that I painted up these lovely 'Dad's Army' miniatures, also from Warlord Games. These guys were a real treat to paint up, great fun! Hopefully you can recognise the characters from the television show!

Production has since slowed down and I've only added 6 models to finish off my Imperial Assault board game figures. These are all from expansions for the main game.

Then I broke new ground and painted up my first Napoleonic figures! I did this little piece for the challenges 'Epic Fail' round, representing the French retreat from Russian in 1812. This was a little tough, especially trying to get the snow to look realistic. I'm happy with the results, but the figures definitely need some weathering and maybe some paler skin tones.

You can check out all the brilliant entries being added by a great range of talented hobbyists on the Analogue Painting Challenge page!

New Acquisitions

I've had a very busy and productive (in the lazing about kind of way) summer holiday.  However, it's now back to work and regular life!

I've been very lucky to have picked up two great games over my months break. Board games are definitely an area of the hobby that I've become more involved in over the last 18 months.

The first game was Imperial Settlers by Portal Games, a very fun civilisation building game, that is fairly quick to play but offers a range of strategies to win. I love the game-play and the artwork of this game!

The second game is a heavier, more complex game, but is great fun! Forbidden Stars by Fantasy Flight Games is a winner. It is based on the 40K universe which I still love, (despite no longer being a regular 40K player) and has the usual high production standards you expect from a Fantasy Flight Games. 

Hopefully these will see regular use with my gaming groups!