Sunday, 16 October 2016

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

It has only been a few short months but WOW! I became a father for the first time early August and it has just been an amazing roller coaster ride since then... Hobby time has quite rightly taken a back seat as I've enjoyed our new family time.

However, I did manage to make some progress on a few hobby projects over the last few months, basically by paying other people to do the work!

Earlier in the year our gaming group fell in love with the medieval wargaming rules 'Lion Rampant' written by Dan Mersey. The Dux and I decided to build up some War of the Roses forces using the Perry brother's lovely miniatures. The Dux has already gotten his Yorkist forces painted up and they are looking very lovely indeed. You can check them out here.

Now, I knew that I was not going to get mine painted up anytime soon, and really didn't want to leave him hanging. So I got in touch with Paul over at Advance Miniatures Studio. Paul did an amazing job on the figures, as you can see from some of the photos he sent through to me.

It was the first time I had used his painting service, and the results speak for themselves. Paul was very professional, there was plenty of correspondence and he replied to emails promptly. He kept sending through plenty of WIP pictures and offered great advice. I can't recommend him enough and if you're in the market for a painting wizard, he is definitely worth checking out! The whole army was mailed up, painted and mailed back down in under three weeks! All the miniatures arrived safely and look just as amazing up close.

The army is a Lancastrian force led by Sir Richard Tunstall of Thurland. Despite not being one of the big names, he was a good character to choose as he was at all the major battles from Wakefield to Bosworth. He also helped lead the defence of Harlech Castle which was being besieged, coincidentally, by the Dux's character. We haven't even started a campaign and already our rivalry is hundreds of years old...

Gaming time might be a little harder to come by at the moment, but I hope to get these guys down on the table very soon. We all know that freshly painted miniatures never survive their first battle. So I hate to think what will happen when two freshly painted armies clash on the table for the first time...

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  1. They look awesome Steve - cant wait to see some match ups against Dux!